Ep 62: Richard Semelka on Bad Medicine

I talk with doctor and whistleblower Richard Semelka about his work to uncover the damage done by gadolinium, a heavy metal often added to a patient’s bloodstream to make MRI’s easier to read. In some patients this leads to Gadolinium Deposition Disease (GDD). We talk more broadly about the ways in which modern medicine is failing, and Semelka’s legal battles after calling out another doctor for operating while drunk.

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One thought on “Ep 62: Richard Semelka on Bad Medicine

  1. This is a terribly important topic. I am one of the one in 10,000 people who has experienced a horrendous response to gadolinium contrast. I’ve suffered for 10+ years since my one MRI with Magnevist gadolinium because there was no treatment available to address the resulting injuries. . I have utilized every possible body strengthening intervention to try to help myself. A few months ago, my MD told me of a clinic that may be able to help me. I contacted them and they agreed to help me and to utilize Dr.Semelka’s protocol for treatment. I have been working with them for a few months and with each treatment the symptoms are softening. I think I’m healing.I am so grateful and yet the treatment is terribly expensive and insurance refuses to pay. While I am finding a way to pay for the treatment, there are many people whose lives have been decimated and they are unable to pay for treatment. They are experiencing feelings of frantic hopelessness. It is critical that our medical/insurance/pharmaceutical system address this. My gratitude to Dr. Semelka for his work and commitment is immeasurable. I am also grateful to Matt Asher for sponsoring this podcast.

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