Ep 49: Reed Coverdale on Trucking, Memeing, and Making a Garand go BRRRRRRRR

In this episode I speak with Reed Coverdale, trucker, gun hacker, meme lord, podcast host, noted 9/11 conspiracy theory denier, and man with a moustache. We talk status among truckers, supply chains, lolberts, border walls, John McAfee, Dom/Sub twitter, and why Reed’s Garand goes BRRRRRRRR.

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Ep 46: Robert A. Jensen on Life After Death

I talk with Robert A. Jensen, author of the new book Personal Effects: What Recovering the Dead Teaches Me About Caring for the Living. Over the past three decades Jensen has travelled to every major disaster you’ve heard of, and many you haven’t, to help recover bodies and the personal effects of the deceased. We discuss the importance of recovering “fragments”, the role played by local customs in his work, the politics of dead bodies, and why the British Empire buried their citizens wherever they died.

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Ep 44: A little Bit of Everything

In this solo show, I talk about what happens when our inherently restless and looping minds do battle against multinational, multibillion dollar companies intent on addicting us to their services. Also, I discuss the milk crate challenge because I have a theory about it. This show was aired on September 11, 2021, the twentieth anniversary of  the beginning of the modern era of terror as political tool.


Ep 42: Vaughn Scribner on the Uses and Abuses of Merpeople (Live Show)

This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the Key West Theatre. Vaughn Scribner is a professor of history at the University of Central Arkansas. His book, Merpeople: A Human History looks at the role played by mermaids and tritons over centuries, from ancient artifacts to Christian icons (of danger) to modern controversy about mermaid movies. The show also included music from Myles Mancuso, which you’ll hear during the breaks.

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Ep 41: Michael Huemer on Social Contracts, War, and Pushing Fat People in front of Trains

Philosopher Michael Huemer and I discuss the idea that we are bound by a social contract, as well as other issues. We compare the state to the mafia, talk about ethical intuitionism, discuss who should get to vote, and debate whether it’s actually possible to be a vegan.

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Ep 39: Wist‘u Vida

In this solo episode I answer a question from a listener, that question being, essentially,  Who the hell are you? Instead of a proper reply, I tell a few stories from my past and digress a lot. Expect caffeine talk, recipes for alcoholic beverages, suggestive imagery of mountains, and in the podcast-only extra, a highly inappropriate tale that ends with a hasty exit from quasi-legal establishment.