Ep 66: Evolution and Entropy

This is my admittedly half-baked theory about evolution and entropy. I don’t think I’m wrong though, and maybe by the end of this episode you’ll agree with me.

Among other things, you will find talk of:
• Tuning parameters
• Iterated evolution
• Missing entropy
• Turning into crabs
• Hairless cats
• Chocolate cake
• Flat earth theory
• Panspermia
• Monarch butterflies
• The Drake equation
• Simulation theory
• and Tardigrades (because of course)

Music is CC licensed tack from BlackBox Red playing at Vondelbunker.

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Last episode

Ep 65: Unfiltered in Amsterdam

Bridge episode for The Filter and brief note about The Mattasher Show season Two. Among the topics discussed are:

* The Ikea monkey in the shearling coat

* The Dress

* Measuring the length of the Mississippi

* The simulation hypothesis

* Dog poop * Degeneracy

* Pompeii

* Italian restaurants

* Unfiltered conversations

* Dutch farmers

* Mental illness

* Red Ford Explorers

Music is CC licensed tack from BlackBox Red playing at Vondelbunker.

Ep 64: Context Collapse and the Death of the Freak

This is an audio version of an article recently posted to my substack. It features an analysis of our cultural moment unlike anything you see from the left, the right, or even from libertarians. This won’t be headed where expect it to. I don’t what to give too much away, but there will be talk of talented tubs of lard, Siamese twins, men on leashes, soaking, sabo the street artist, and how the mullet symbolizes a properly functioning society.

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Ep 63: Uncle Ted’s Manifesto with Pete and Bird

I’m joined in studio by Pete Quinones and Bird to discuss the manifesto by Ted Kaczynski, aka The Unibomber. Published in The Washington Post on the insistence of Kaczynski, it ultimately led to his arrest. We talk about the Manifesto’s attacks on technology, American culture, and in particular Kaczynski’s critiques of liberalism. At the end we shift focus to discuss the moral necessity of moving to where you are more free.

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Ep 62: Richard Semelka on Bad Medicine

I talk with doctor and whistleblower Richard Semelka about his work to uncover the damage done by gadolinium, a heavy metal often added to a patient’s bloodstream to make MRI’s easier to read. In some patients this leads to Gadolinium Deposition Disease (GDD). We talk more broadly about the ways in which modern medicine is failing, and Semelka’s legal battles after calling out another doctor for operating while drunk.

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Ep 61: Clay Gulick on Healthcare Tech and the Code for Shark Bites

I speak with Clay Gulick, Chief Technology Officer at Telos Health Solutions, about the state of health care records, the promise and reality of blockchain tech in the field, and why everything needs a code, even shark bites.

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Seeing like a State by James C. Scott

Ep 60: Curtis Yarvin on Monarchy as the Way to Be

In this double episode, I talk with Curtis Yarvin, author, public intellectual, and the most prominent proponent of monarchy as the ideal form of government. Yarvin argues that every effective organization is effectively ruled by one person or one family. Along the way we discuss China, Argentina, American presidents, and the disastrous Justin Trudeau.

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Ep 59: The Candles Blew and then Disappeared

In this solo episode I do a deep dive on the social and political implications of indefinite life span extension. This is a followup to my interview with Aubrey de Grey where we spoke about achieving “escape velocity” and people become effectively immortal. I suggested that eternal life this might have negative consequences at a broader level, Aubrey dismissed these concerns. I go through probable scenarios and the game theory implications if we begin to see a realistic chance of this happening.

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Ep 58: David Gornoski on Girard and Mimetic Theory

I talk with writer and fellow Florida radio host David Gornoski about Rene Girard and Mimetic Theory. We talk about the nature of human desire, myths as cover stories for violence, and the role of the scapegoat. I explain how I almost purchased a boat with an extraordinary history.

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Ep 57: Welcome to the Truman Show

In this solo episode I discuss the “Truman Show” conspiracy and the extent to which it is our reality. Along the way, I talk about conditions for a healthy society, Scooby Doo, log odds, Simulacra and Simulation, kayfabe, Potemkin Villages, and your lying parents.

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