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In each episode of the newly launched Mattasher Show, I invite one of today’s most interesting thinkers to join me for a deep dive conversation in a tropical paradise setting. I talk with everyone from best-selling authors to musicians, academics to public intellectuals. We delve into topics ranging from philosophy, culture, science, to the arts.

The action begins in Key West, where we’ve setup a special activity for our guest, like paddleboarding through the mangroves or getting a personal tour of the city’s oldest rum distillery. After cruising the sites, my guest heads back to Moray Bay where they get to settle in to the relaxing atmosphere. The heart of each episode is a long-form conversation about a topic my guest knows deeply, but rarely gets to discuss in such a rich way. Visit your local PBS affiliate for showtimes!

I was recently the host of the Mattasher Radio Show on Keys Talk FM. The radio show was a continuation of The Filter podcast, and every episode of the radio show was released to the podcast feed as well. The Filter is about how we perceive the world, the lenses through which we view our reality. The radio show continued this theme, but also highlighted the fringes of science and culture. Browse all episodes.

In addition to creating Lyca, I publish my thoughts from time to time at my Substack. Subscribers get full access to my book Breakup! Surviving the end of empire, and premium users get additional articles with financial commentary, as well as thoughts on culture and politics.

Past articles include:

About Matt Asher
In addition to the projects listed, I have been:
  • A statistical consultant
  • Developer of for EveryBit Inc
  • Chief Architect for, a company bringing tradable securities to the Ethereum blockchain
  • An investor, statistical consultant, and editor of the website
My areas of interest include:
  • Decentralized identity and publishing
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • The philosophical foundations of probability theory and meanings of randomness
  • Links between morality, complexity, information theory, and probability
  • Experimental fiction and non-fiction
  • Arbitrage opportunities in evolving markets
  • Domain name investing
I am married to the lovely and talented Carly Donaldson. We live in the glorious Conch Republic in Amsterdam with our twin infant boys. I have a daughter away at college in Vancouver, BC.

Twitter: @mattasher
LinkedIn: My profile