The new colonists


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In honour of the great Scott Adams, I invite you to join me in a simultaneous sip. In this case, it’s Friday. It’s well past 5pm where I am. So let’s call it at simultaneous swig.

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I’m going to start out my first real scope with an analogy, and it’s now I just thought up today, so it’s going to be rough. This is not something I’ve been mulling over for years. More like hours.

The idea came to me after listening to the latest episode of the Radio Lab, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. It tells the story of a woman, an outsider, who moves to a small Swiss village, and immediately begins complaining about their style of life. She hates the morning church bells. She hates the meat eating. She even hates the cowbells, the very symbol of her adopted home. She hates all these things so badly that she tries to get everyone around her to give them up. The community, as might be expected, pushes back against her. In Switzerland you community can vote on whether you get citizenship, and her community votes no. Twice.

It’s a very interesting episode. More than interesting, I found it revealing. While not a one-sided story, Radiolab clearly wants us to see her as the victim of closed minded xenophobic yokels. She’s a powerless immigrant the community is cruelly voting to deny citizenship to.

But she’s not an immigrant. Not really. She’s a colonist.

The analogy I want to make here, the thing that’s becoming clear to me, is that those who oppose globalism and the cultural left, those who resist the Resistance, are now in the position that Native Americans were in a couple hundred years ago.

So this may seem like a stretch, but just hear me out.

Let’s start by recognizing that the dominant narrative, in almost every mainstream media outlet, immigration is seen as good, especially when it involves the movement of people from non-western cultures into the west. Globalism is good, nationalism is bad, and decentralization, especially the kind of decentralization that let those backwoods Swiss hicks try to keep citizenship from an immigrant. That’s bad.

Anti-globalists. Those who believe in local autonomy, they are the Indians in this analogy. There may still be a lot of these, but their days are numbered. The cultural left is, right now, in the process of rolling over them with a relentless campaign of propaganda. To the left, if you are part of this native cultural population, you’re way of life is already dead. You’re on the wrong side of history, and it’s only a matter of time before manifest destiny eliminates your wicked culture. Every era has it’s demonized population, and right now, that’s you. You are the indigenous population, and you have to go.

Seem extreme? Consider the parallels. Assume with me, for the moment anyway, that your tribe is the indigenous population, and the culturally left globalists are the colonists.

What would that look like?

We might see the following: Stories of bad things done by your tribe are amplified endlessly by the press, while stories of bad actions by the colonists are ignored. If an Indian kills a settler? That’s front page news for months! But if a hunting party of colonists “accidentally” shoots a couple of your kind, and then takes their land. So what?

In this context, complaining about bias doesn’t matter. Pointing out the unfairness of the situation doesn’t matter. Playing the victim card, like you see those colonists do over and over, that doesn’t matter. The colonists don’t care because they *want* you to be the victim. Your victimization is their goal. They want your land, and they despise your way of life.

At best you appear to them as some kind of noble savage, like the modern left views those pitiful coal miners and their simple minded ways, good for plucking the fiddle but we all know what happens if you stray too deep into their territory.

In this kind of dynamic, what works to fight back? Is it possible, in some alternative version of history, for the indigenous, decentralized population to beat back the colonists?

I’m not really sure. I’ve got some thoughts, but first let me know yours.

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